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Why People Wear Copper Bracelets?

copper bracelet

copper braceletWhen was the last time you saw someone wearing copper bracelets? Well, even if you haven’t seen anybody wearing  bracelets in the real world you must have definitely seen it in historic movies. Bracelets have suddenly become a fashion statement but they were common in various ancient societies. Although, copper bracelets are worn today as style statement they were not meant for style in the ancient times. People in the past believed that copper was a very useful metal and it had certain good properties that can keep us healthy and therefore they came up with bracelets that would keep them in good health.

You will find it interesting but copper bracelets were found in various parts of the globe. This means that they were worn by Pharaohs in Egypt, Rajas in India, Chinese Emperors, Kings in Persia, and even Alexander, the Great used to have bracelets to ensure good health. This means that it is universally accepted that they can keep you in good shape and health. Let’s take a quick look at why so many people across the globe preferred wearing a  bracelet when they can easily afford gold and silver ones.

Copper bracelets are good for you if you have blood pressure problems. It has been proved that copper plays an important role to absorb and use iron in blood flow and therefore it helps in keeping the blood flow in control. It also works as an antioxidant with body enzymes and helps to get rid of free radicals inside our body.

In one of the researches done by Mayo Clinic it was found that 75% of the patients suffering from arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis got some kind of relief when they started wearing copper bracelets. This reveals that  bracelets can heal arthritic pains when they come in constant touch with human body.

It has also been studied that very small portions of copper penetrate through our skin only when needed and they optimize the use of zinc and iron to provide us with better immune system. This means that copper bracelets can help in strengthening our immune system. Hence, people who are sick or who don’t have good immune system should always wear copper bracelets to ensure that their immune levels are maintained.
These bracelets can even compensate the copper deficiencies in our body to ensure that our body can fight back foreign bacteria and viruses.

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