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What’s Hot in Fashion Jewelry This Year

Sapphire-Jewellery-Trends-2012Fashion, in general, changes constantly and in every season or every year, we see trends take shape and evolve.  This goes the same for fashion jewelry.  This 2013, we should expect more color.  And just as it had been since a couple of years ago, rocks and gemstones still have a great influence on jewelry and accessory design.

Take a look at pieces by hot fashion jewelry designers like Tacori.  While Tacori has its collection of pieces that speak of classic or timeless glamour, it also has gorgeous fashion-forward and statement-making jewelry designs.  In fact, it just launched its City Lights Collection, featuring pieces that talk of the iconic Hollywood glam of the past as well as of electrifying modern energy.  The pieces come in opulent and dramatic hues of green, blue and red.

City Lights by Tacori

Tacori jewelry also features conflict-free diamonds, gemstones, sapphires and eco-friendly gold and platinum in its pieces.  With its wide variety of styles and colors, it is no wonder why Tacori jewelry has been worn by celebrities like Maria Menounos, Kate Beckinsale, Cheryl Burle, and Ali Larter.  The stunning Carmen Electra has also been spotted wearing Tacori’s “Classic Rock” Black Onyx Earrings, which is just perfect with a little black dress.

Tacori worn by Carmen Electra

Jewelry designer Le Vian, said that metals will shift to more colorful hues this year, with “Honey Gold” and “Strawberry Gold” dominating majority of its designs.  Of course, Le Vian uses these with exquisite gemstones and rare diamonds to come up with truly breathtaking pieces.

Celebrities who have been spotted wearing Le Vian jewelry include Taylor Swift, Julie Bowen, Rachel McAdams, Vanessa Hudgens, and the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez — who stole the scene at the 70th Annual Golden Globes with Le Vian Vanilla Diamonds Super Gladiator earrings in Strawberry Gold and three different Le Vian rings.

Le Vian worn by Jennifer Lopez

And then there’s jewelry and watch designer Charriol, with its signature Celtic-inspired and its patented gold-and-stainless steel cable decorative jewelry.  Charriol’s pieces are here to prove that classic and elegant design will never go out of style and will always be fashionable, especially when combined with contemporary design elements.

There are also designers like Gucci who make bold metal pieces as trendy as ever.  Gucci’s timeless jewelry is elegant and classic and easy to complement with bright-colored wardrobe.

The best thing about jewelry trends is that nothing is set in stone (no pun intended).  The pieces you wear will always be about the clothes you pair them with, the event you attend, and your state of mind.  And just like clothes, it will always be about how you wear them.  With confidence and with the right attitude, no jewelry will ever be outdated.  Moreover, different designers will always have different styles and different ways of executing their creativity, so you can be assured that whatever piece you have will be a good investment.

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This post is written by Christine Bennett.  She gravitates towards what is hot in fashion, whether out in town surrounded by the night lights of Atlanta or adorned by Tacori’s City Lights Collection.  When she isn’t writing about Tacori Jewelry, she works for Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry.

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