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The Advantages of Simple Popular Jewelry Designs

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One of the most interesting aspects of my work as a jeweler is understanding the psychology of customers and what influences the choices that they make. I think the decisions people make when they choose a particular piece of jewelry have a lot to do with the personal meaning they bring with them. Sometimes, especially with young people, the most simple designs will be easier to identify with than the more complex ones.

A Little Bit About Monogram Necklaces

I’ll give some examples taken from my own popular jewelry website My Monogram Necklace to demonstrate how pieces can be completely transformed by personal stories and how simple designs can sometimes work better than elaborate ones.

Before I begin I’ll give you a quick overview of what monogram are. Monograms are a symbol that’s composed of several letters, usually two or three. The letters represent the initials of a person. Most monograms place the last name at the center with the middle initial and the last name on both sides.

Nowadays you can play with the concept and create family monograms that combine the names of a couple and their child or even create a monogram that combines the initials of best friends.

The Advantages of Popular Jewelry

Now that we’re done with the basics we can continue our little demonstration about the advantages of popular jewelry.

The best example I can think of is the heart shaped monogram necklace. This is really the most basic design you could think of. Now let’s play a mind game to see if we can transform it into something a lot more attractive. Let’s say that this was a necklace that was given to a woman that just gave birth by her husband. The monogram combines the initials of her name with those of her husband and her newborn baby. Suddenly this piece is transformed into something magical, something to be treasured for years to come.

The funny thing is, this probably couldn’t have been done with a very sophisticated piece. In some situations the most basic designs can hit you right in the gut. Age old symbols like the heart, tired as they may seem, suddenly appear fresher and more beautiful than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I design sophisticated avant garde pieces all the time and I love them, but sometimes sticking to the basics is the best strategy and the most simple design can be as beautiful as the most elaborate and expensive one. Basically, it’s all up to you.

Doron Heifetz is the owner of several popular jewelry organizations and websites including My Monogram Necklace.

Although trained in all aspects of jewelry making,  Doron made it his goal to promote popular, affordable jewelry while maintaining the highest possible standards of craftsmanship.

Doron also enjoys bicycle riding and other fun outdoor activities.

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