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Strange and Unusual Jewelry

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Modern trends in jewelry have taken a turn to the far limits of the imagination. Modern designers have produced some really unusual and even bizarre pieces of art. Here are a few examples of what is out there.


No one in a western country would think of wearing antlers around their neck as an adornment but for an African woman it might be completely reasonable and considered normal. These horns might also serve to keep away the advances of an unwelcome suitor.


Adaya designer earingsIs Bigger Better?


A necklace is a common accessory for many women but generally a necklace begins at the neck and hangs a few inches below it. A really long necklace might reach down to the middle of the chest. But now innovative designers are breaking the rules and super large necklaces can reach down below the waist with bold designs. British designer Maria Frances Pepe has created a super large long gold necklace.


Thinking outside the box can produce some really interesting works of art. Rings generally are small round adornments attached to one of the fingers. But what if you let your imagination run wild and let the ring expand outside the comfort zone. Take this ring for example. It’s called “The Turtle in the Garden” by MrsDazo. The design “jumps” out of your hand and becomes a 3D big shape on your hand.


It is sure to be a conversation starter at the next party the woman wearing it will attend. But I suppose it would be hard to do the laundry while wearing this ring.


Diamond Dogs


There are more strange and wonderful ideas for jewelry but sometimes the strangest thing of all is who is wearing the gems. Here is a unique gift for man’s (or woman’s) best friend – Diamond earrings for your dog.


If you have extra budget, you can definitely surprise your true friend with a couple of these…


The Dark Side


Some people are happy campers who smile at everyone and always have a “good” day. They wear bright colored clothing and like to show their white teeth to everyone they meet. But others have a black, moody disposition, often in depression or other foul moods. They seem to always be looking at the dark side of life. What would their jewelry choice be? Well, Canadian jewelry designer Miju has just the thing. Here is her creation for the macabre minded. It is called ‘Dead Crow” and even features two red drop gems that resemble drops of blood.


For the environmentally conscious there is a line of jewelry that looks and feels politically correct. Holly Anne Mitchell uses recycled paper products to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and broaches. Mitchell uses expired coupons, comic strips, stock lists, crossword puzzles and even used sugar packets to make her line of environment friendly line of jewelry.


Living Jewelry


I thought I had seen just about everything a woman can wear around her neck but when I saw this I was pleasantly surprised. It is a tiny potted plant that you can wear around your neck. Dutch artist Lauri Poast uses terra cotta clay from Spain to hand-sculpt tiny pots in which she plants mosses and other succulent plants. Wear it in good health and don’t forget to water it daily.


I am sure there are more wild and wonderful ways to adorn a woman’s body that no one has thought of yet. The imagination is truly unlimited. But these are some of the innovations out there. Enjoy.


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