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How to Control Your Beads While Making Your Own Jewelry

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When you are working with beads in your jewelry making efforts, you will soon discover that these beautiful, round bead designs that you paid so much for don’t like to stay in one place very long. Any time your work surface is jostled, your beads are going to create their own design ideas. That’s the problem with round beads: they roll. Many a jewelry project has been ruined by a bead rolling off the work surface or being jostled out of the pattern that you so carefully created. Instead of getting frustrated, consider a bead containment method for your work.

Controlling your beads can easily become frustrating work, especially if your jewelry making workshop is in a busy home environment with children or pets. The bright colors and shiny finishes of the common bead design simply become too great of a temptation for little fingers and curious paws alike. Regardless of whether your bead bandit is human or feline in nature, you purchased an exact number of those bead accents for this project, and you need every one of them if it’s going to look right in the end. When your beads end up rolling into the floor and bouncing away to the dark corners of your room, you may never find them again.

For those who are just starting out in the world of creating your own jewelry, you may want to consider some do it yourself options for bead control. Until you have learned enough that you are certain bead jewelry design is what you want to go into, purchasing expensive but helpful items may not be right for you. Instead, small bowls can always be pressed into service as bead collection points. Steep-sided bowls make for good spots for large amounts of these items to be stored, but fishing out individual ones might prove a little troublesome in these containers, worse when they are deeper.

For an easier time accessing your parts, use a bowl with a more rounded bottom. These dishes make it easy to fish out a bead with your fingers or the wire itself by coaxing the bead up the side of the bowl. However, these round dishes are easier to knock over for mischievous children and pets.

If you have made the investment in jewelry making and have decided that bead working is what you want to concentrate your efforts in, you may want to pick up a bead board. The bead board is a simple device with depressions in the surface that are meant to hold your beads in place while you work. The long, U-shaped depressions vary depending on the style of bead board that you purchase. The higher end models have room for bracelets, necklaces and earrings all at once, with inches and millimeters marked off so you can see how long your finished piece will be.

Using the bead board in jewelry making not only serves to keep your beads in place, but allows you to create the complex designs that beaded jewelry requires without having to string the accessories first. The bead board saves many jewelry makers time and effort, simplifying the design process and allowing you to fix mistakes in your pattern creations before they become embedded in your design.

This article was written by Jeanne Summers and provided exclusively to the website that you are viewing it on. Jeanne writes on a variety of topics about using beads in jewelry designs. See an explanation of various types of beads here.

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