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How to Break Into the Jewelry Business

jewelry-businessIf you are looking for an article that will provide you with a magic formula for breaking into the jewelry business, you may be disappointed. Let me start this piece by telling you outright that there are no definite magic answers that will help you with your breakthrough. However, there are certain directions and attitudes that can improve your chances. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to improve your chances for making a living from selling jewelry.

Make Sure You’re Ready

If you are still learning, or if you feel that your work is not yet as good as it could eventually be, then it’s better to wait. Understand that you are building a reputation for yourself; if you rush out there with mediocre work, even if you manage to sell some of it, you end up losing points and possibly losing the game.

Start Small

I always found that the best way to go is to combine traditional marketing techniques with more advanced, internet based services. When you feel that your work is good enough, start by trying to sell it to your immediate circle of friends and relatives. This will allow you a learning period in which you can adjust your work according to the reactions you get. It’s important to understand that the best compliment you can get is when someone thinks it’s good enough to buy. If you get only enthusiastic words and no sale, it probably means “back to the old drawing board” for you.

Get a Workshop

Don’t work from your living room. Trust me, I’ve been there and it doesn’t work. If you want to be a successful professional, you will need your own quite space so you can work with no disturbances. If there is no way for you to do that and you have to work from home, make sure your work area is as quiet and comfortable and try to set up a tight schedule, working regular hours.

Online Marketing

As I said above, it’s probably best to wait with online marketing until your work is mature enough and actually get some sales done. The wealth of possibilities in online platforms such as eBay means that you need to stay focused. Start with only one online shop and monitor what is selling. Create reports that will show you what designs and materials were the most popular and what pricing was the most effective.  Be sure to interact with customers as much as possible and be effective with delivery and providing answers to inquiries so you get accumulate good reviews.

The biggest secret to success is the most obvious one, hard work and even more hard work. If you are talented enough, it will eventually get you where you want to be.

Doron Heifetz is a professional jeweler and an owner of the – my monogram necklace website.

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