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Homemade Gifts for the Holidays

It’s getting cold outside, which means the holidays are on their way. On these chilly days, many people remain indoors curled up under a cozy blanket or stationed alongside the fireplace with a warm cup of eggnog or apple cider. While relaxing and spending time with family is what the holidays are all about, gift giving has become a part of the tradition too. A great way to spend your family time this year is by making homemade Christmas gifts for each other and even extended family and friends. Homemade gifts like treats, crafted jewelry, and even Christmas wreaths can be inexpensive, fun and a great way to show your creativity.

Warm Their Hearts with a Treat

Who doesn’t love a warm treat on a blustery winter day? Consider baking sugar cookies decorated as Christmas ornaments or mini apple pies. Even a hearty soup with chicken, noodles and vegetables or a traditional beef stew will make your loved ones feel good inside. Gift wrap your treats with decorative holiday wrap or ribbon on a special plate or dish, and hand deliver them to your neighbors, friends and relatives. Not only will they enjoy your treat, but they’ll love that it’s good enough to eat.

Spread the Holiday Cheer

There are a number of different ways to express your creativity during the holidays. You can use technology and capture a pretty picture of the changing fall leaves or a shot of falling snow and transform it into a holiday card. Using software like Photoshop and Adobe Elements, bringing a picture to life can be a simple yet beautiful task.

If you’re more of a hands-on person, you can purchase small potted plants and embellish them with fake snow and hanging ornaments. Create the ornaments yourself using paperclips and beads for a personal touch.

Or you can take the classical route and build a handmade Christmas wreath using a hanger and white or colored napkins.Bend the hanger so that it is circular and cut the napkins into strips. Take the cut napkins and wrap them against the hanger, where the fold is, then simply twist them a little so they remain snug. Continue this process until the wreath is full and “Viola!,” you’ve created a masterpiece.

Show Your Craftsmanship

A piece of jewelry, whether it is diamonds or handmade, can last a lifetime. Give your loved ones something to remember you by for years to come. There are quality jewellery wholesalers that will provide the pieces you need to create something special. No matter what your vision, you can create beautiful earrings, necklaces and detailed scarves that will last beyond the holiday season.

This year, you can give plenty of heartfelt gifts without spending your savings and you can do it with your family. Maximize your quality time together by spending it on each other.

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