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Expensive Jewellery – Enjoyed by the Tudors and Still Popular Today

Spare No Expenditure on Jewellery Websites

At Ola Gorie our most valuable jewellery bracelet is from our Tudor line. And a search on our internet site will show matching earrings, a brooch and a necklace to wrap up the rich high class look. With Expensive Jewellery the pieces may be high end in cost for most of us, but are worth every penny due to the top quality of the workmanship.

The arts and styles of the Tudor Age were ornate with embroidery, tapestry and gemstones, set in expensive jewellery. Not many periods have matched the Tudor taste for lavish finery. Personal adornments delighted in the appeal of the artisan’s skills. We have used the charm of this golden age when Gloriana herself, aka Queen Elizabeth the First, took the Tudors’ love of showing off to the greatest heights.

Our Tudor bracelet consists of seven double Tudor pattern links. The sumptuous 9ct gold version is priced at 909 Pounds and is custom-made. The silver version is only 69 Pounds. Both are exquisite and delicate, but eye-catching enough to grace the hand of a lady at the Queen’s court.

Men Were Fond Of Expensive Jewellery

It is worth noting that in the 16th century men wore just as much jewellery as women. Yet jewellery is more often than not deemed a female fashion. In this particular time period, male ownership of jewels had to do with so much more than merely embellishing the body. Jewelry had the power to show magnificence, lineage and riches, along with sustain social bonds and networks of exchange.

A program at the British Museum has actually been inspecting the jewels put on, owned and circulated by gentlemen in the sixteenth and early-seventeenth centuries when Tudor jewellery had to be donned to flaunt status. In this time period both garments and jewellery were employed as markers of a person’s social, moral and professional reputation in a community.

Contemporary artisans and women have actually been checking out the delicate work of the early jewellers and have actually utilized it to fashion brand-new items of charm which are on show in the gallery at the moment. This is just what Ola did when making her Tudor collection, many years ago. The young costumiers additionally discovered that the motifs of the Renaissance period are still highly effective today and pass on a message of wealth and power. Popular concepts also include Celtic patterns and mythical beasts, for instance dragons. These both feature among the collections on our jewellery sites.

If you scrutinize Tudor portraitures you will see men disporting numerous examples of rich jewels. These are crafted in rings, heavy neck chains and brooches worn on garments or displayed on hats. Can you imagine Henry VIII without his jewellery on? He appears to be the first medallion man. Jewels are sewn into his clothing and his father, the first Henry Tudor to rule, has a cap festooned with gem stones.

Our expensive jewellery bracelet is more understated with less bling and a lot more style. Our jewellery websites Tudor collection is an eye-catching and understated tribute to the Age when wearing your wealth on your sleeve was the done thing.

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