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8 Warnings From a Man to All Women About the Jewelry They Wear

cronin_jewleryMen understand well that most women adore jewelry, and it’s also known that doesn’t mean expensive or rare items. But just overall, women love to decorate their bodies with pretty trinkets. Sometimes it’s for the purpose to compliment some ensemble, others may perhaps be a special token given as a gift, or a memory of some lost relative. But in the end, we get it. Now that’s not to say it goes unappreciated as well, most men love to see women looking pretty, and not that jewelry makes that happen, but it does add to your character and look.

It is this last bit that is of concern to many men. If the jewelry you choose to dawn reflects upon your overall character and appearance, just as the clothes you wear, how you speak and present yourself do, then perhaps it is worthwhile to entertain the idea to choose just a bit more wisely what is worn. The reason for this is that sometimes the jewelry itself as well as the idea of it create unneeded problems and drama. This is why this list of 8 things for women to avoid doing with jewelry was written. It is not to detest or deter women from wearing jewelry, just to sort of reset the bar of expectations. In the least, to open the idea perhaps how you think about jewelry may be skewed. With that said, and without further ado, let’s get into the meat of it.

Jewelry Should Be a Surprise, Not Expected

First we should discuss that fact that some women, not all women, tend to expect jewelry from their loving and adoring partners. There may be this misconception that if your partner is willing to buy you jewelry, than that means they care and love you greatly. For the record, the amount of money spent on you does not reflect, at all, the total love that there is for you. In reality, if you are given jewelry, there is only two reasons for it. One being that they know you love jewelry, so in that sense they are simply giving you what they know you’ll enjoy. The second being that they put no effort into thinking of a better gift to offer. This is certainly not always the case, but if all you receive for your birthday, Christmas, or valentine’s day or various trinkets… than there is most likely little thought going into it. Unless of course, the piece of jewelry was custom or held some other significant meaning behind it. But just your generic diamond earrings are by most standards a cop out.

Wearing Too Much Jewelry Seems Gaudy

There is nothing worse than a women who has so much jewelry on that when she moves, it sounds like a can of pennies jingling around. With rings on most fingers, multiple bracelets on a single arm, and necklaces that flail everywhere and get tangled up on each other. It is in this sense where less is most definitely worth more. There is no reason to be the female equivalent of Mister T., and generally when showing off so much, it seems you are trying hide equally as much. You also don’t want to seem trashy, rather you should strive to be elegant, as in the end that is what most men want. The conception may be that men want sexy and edgy women, and that conception is correct in the sense that they are wanted. For how long though is the better question to answer, and I would argue that it’s not for long. Everyman wants a women they can proudly introduce to family and friends, not shirk away from the thought.

Not All Jewelry Has To Be Expensive  

Sure diamonds are forever, but couldn’t other stones get you through the night? There are certainly occasions when you should present yourself in the best and highest manner you can. But that is not needed every day, and there is a lot of fun and interesting jewelry out there that is otherwise inexpensive. Creative people are everywhere, they don’t all come from Kay Jewelers.

You Don’t Have To Peacock To Gain Attention

There has been an increasing trend for both men and women, that in order to bring attention to yourself you need to peacock. Meaning that the largest, brightest, and most colorful items should be warn to draw attention towards you. By doing this you will certainly cause people to look your way, but only in the sense that Big Bird entered the room. Imagine the type of attention you are gaining before choosing your jewelry, there are far better ways to attract someone’s gaze rather than layers of colorful, excessive, and useless accessories.

Don’t Complain About the Jewelry You Wear

Probably everyone has at one point or another heard their friend, girlfriend, or family member complain about how inhibiting or troubling some jewelry piece they wear is. Whether it constantly gets tangled, falls off, or draws too much attention towards the chest area, or even perhaps that it’s just not nice enough. You chose to wear what you wore before leaving the house, and if you’ve worn that piece before, you probably well know how much of a pain it is. You aren’t allowed to complain about dumb choices you make, especially when those same choices are continually made.

Don’t Wear Jewelry That Inhibits You

There are countless jewelry pieces that can cause problems, yet against all odds, some women cannot help but wear them. It’s already one thing if you complain about them endlessly, but entirely another where a man can tell that the jewelry serves few other purposes but making your life harder and at times even painful.  Rings that can double as brass knuckles immobilize your hands. Hoop earrings and excessively long necklaces that snag on everything. There is even nail, nose, eyebrow, face, live, chest, nipple, and a whole slew of other types of jewelry where the time spent wearing it does nothing more than make everyday life harder, and at times even painful. If you’ve never seen a poor girl get the diamond  stud in her temple area catch onto a towel or clothing piece, and scream in pain, than you are lucky. However for the girls where such jewelry malfunctions occur, you knew what you were wearing and should have considered the consequences.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

This goes back to the idea that peacocking is obnoxious and less often relates to more. If the purpose of those huge medallions was to look like a gangster rapper, sadly most fail at that as well. The only person that was ever allowed to wear an over the top and overly large piece of jewelry was Flavor Flav, and the man did it with gusto. But he, as you may well realize now, was a showman whose intention was to entertain. I doubt that is the attention you would be trying to receive, and as such, you should not attempt to wear jewelry like him.

Your Jewelry Should Not Define You

This is the most important part of this whole article, so please listen closely. Many women may consider their clothes, jewelry, and accessories to be the picture they paint on the canvass of their body. But that single idea is sadly wrong. You are yourself the most beautiful picture, and rather than make it such that you hide behind these items, you should make it so they rather highlight your beauty. You are so much more than what you wear, and you should not consider anything inadequate in yourself and needed to be hidden or covered up by other items.

Jewelry is meant to be special, pretty, and meaningful. But that is not the route the trend has been taking in recent years. Over the top, loud, in your face, eye attracting and obnoxious tends to be what is being worn. The reason for which, for most men, is sadly unknown. We don’t care that your earrings are Channel, that you have Louis Vuitton necklaces, or nothing but diamonds on your fingers. Rather we would like to see earrings and rings that had some craftsmanship and uniqueness to it, maybe a locket with your grandma’s photo, a bracelet your father gave you, or something you picked up at an arts fare.

Wearing the typical stamps that popular culture provide leaves men thinking of nothing more than greener pastures, where a women can be herself and chooses for herself what is beautiful. We don’t want lemmings that are told this and that is considered pretty. Be yourself, be unique, and you will be beautiful. Just remember that the jewelry you choose to dawn dictates that perception, so choose wisely.

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